What Not to Wear – Top Ten Tips!

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What Not to Wear – Why You Should Binge-Watch This Show

When you want to unwind, sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch, cozying up near the fireplace, sipping on your favorite cup of coffee (or tea!), and binge-watching some good TV!  It’s nice to disconnect from the ‘real’ world and watch someone else’s drama unfurl for a little while, right?

What Not To Wear

Well, I have a binge-worthy styling show to share with you that delivers some drama (and good advice!) on its own – it’s What Not to Wear (the American version) hosted by Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.  Stacy & Clinton deliver 10+ seasons of hilarity, spunk, compassion, and sage styling advice to women who need a full wardrobe makeover and an extra boost of confidence to accompany their new looks.

I love this show because Stacy & Clinton are real and offer some sound styling advice again and again.  I wanted to share their Top Ten Styling Tips with you because they are simple, easy, and good!  You’ve heard me mention in various blog posts or in-person, but this concise list is great for you to live by style-wise! 😉

Top Ten Styling Tips from What Not To Wear

#10 Get a Bra That Fits Well – You hear me harp about this all of the time!  Your underwear is probably more important than your outerwear.  If you haven’t already, please get fitted for a bra – pronto!  You’ll never be able to pull off great looks without a well-fitted/well-sized bra.

#9 Dress Your Age – There’s no other way to break this down, LOL – just dress appropriately for your age.  For my clients, subscribers, and followers, club gear doesn’t cut it.  Dressing your age doesn't necessarily mean wearing boring, fuddy-duddy looks.  You can look just as captivating in age-appropriate clothing.

#8 Your Clothes Have to Fit – Please, please, please buy clothes that fit you well or enlist the help of a tailor to help get you there!  There’s nothing worse than seeing ill-fitting clothing on women – whether it’s too small or too big.  Remember that you’re pretty much always looking to create a silhouette which is impossible to do if your clothes don’t fit right!

#7 Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have – For my ladies that are still climbing the career ladder, this is REALLY good advice.  From my HR background, I can tell you that what you wear for work really makes an impression – even at subconscious levels.  Believe me, people higher up on the food chain in organizations are looking.  Wearing well-appointed clothing consistently speaks volumes about you.   Show them what you’ve got not only with your awesome talent but also your style!   Dress for your next role NOW!

#6 Color, Texture, Pattern and Shine Create Visual Interest – If you’re looking to shake things up a bit visually and want to try something different with your look, mix in an element of color, texture, pattern, or shine.  You can have some real fun with this by adding a pop of surprise underneath your jacket or even go bolder with having it be a jacket…or a shoe…or a handbag!  Balance is key here, so don’t go too overboard!

#5 You Don’t Have to Show a Lot of Skin to Look Sexy – You want something left to be desired!  Sexiness is about wonder and mystique (peppered in with an occasional innuendo!).  The long and short of it is that you don’t have to bare all to be considered sexy.  Wearing your look with confidence is all that you need.

#4 Jeans are Supposed to Make Your Butt Look Good – Please don’t wear dumpy mom jeans – they do nothing for you and you know it!  Jeans should always accent your derriere regardless of its size or shape.  A nice curve around your bottom is nicely accented by heels, flats, or boots, for instance.  The only exception here are boyfriend jeans which are meant to be baggy (and frankly, not everyone can pull that look off).  So the next time you think about buying those pair of jeans, swing around and take a look at your backside to make sure everything is in check!  😉

#3 Mom Does Not Equal Frump – Just because you’re a Mom doesn’t mean that you have to look frumpy or frazzled.  Moms are truly wonderful and should always look that way!  Treat yourself to some stylish, age-appropriate looks (remember #9 above).  There are so many clothing options for mothers: from office, to casual, to athleisure – there’s no reason not to looked pulled together at any time of day.  Make an effort to be stylish – do this for yourself!

#2 You Can Show Off Your Personality Without Looking Crazy – For my more eclectic gals, this one’s for you.  Style is personal, it’s fun, it’s creative – it’s based on you.  But there’s a fine line between looking “eclectic: cute and stylish” versus “eclectic: out-to-lunch.”  If no one can understand what you’re trying to accomplish looks-wise, we have a problem.  Don't be labeled as the crazy lady that can’t dress – that’s not a good look for many reasons!

#1 We’re Always Right – We (meaning stylists) are always right, LOL.  We work with so many women that have so many different body types and size.  Believe me, we’ve seen it all.  We have a trained eye.  Style has a technical component to it and we understand it thoroughly.  When we tell you something looks good, it looks GOOODDDD.  On the other hand, if we tell you something’s not working for you, you need to listen up and let it go.  Don’t fight us – remember that we’re here to help you look your best! J


Clothes should always bring you joy and make you feel beautiful! – There’s not much more to say than that.  If your clothes don’t make you feel this way, honey, you’re in a style rut. But don’t despair – I can help you feel wonderful about your clothes again!  Call me at 855-877-8953 to learn more about how to define your style!

One more thing – all seasons of What Not to Wear are available on Amazon Prime for purchase but I promise, it’s not expensive for some entertainment and style education!  I recommend that you check it out if you’re interested in getting some great styling tips on the comfort of your own couch!  Enjoy!

Stylishly Yours,


Roxanne Carne is a recognized Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper styling women in Dallas, TX and virtually!  Visit www.roxannecarne.com to discover how she can help transform your wardrobe and transform your life!

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