Meet Roxanne

Your Personal Stylist

Getting dressed every day shouldn’t stress you out.

Style should be fun, but for most women, it’s a struggle.

Why? Style is a life skill most of us are never taught.

The fact that you have a closet with nothing to wear or find
yourself wearing something “good enough”, isn’t your fault.

You deserve better.



It’s time to define your personal style so that every time you get dressed, you feel amazing. That’s where I come in.

I’m Roxanne, your Personal Stylist, and I’m here to help you go from stuck to seriously successful with your style.

Style is a Skill Anyone Can Learn

If you’re reading this and are thinking “I’ve got no personal style”, I can help.
(Or maybe your style is stuck 20 years in the past, or maybe you’ve got style and you just want more of it!)

My approach to style is designed to be accessible.

I believe that style is a skill that every woman can learn –

you just need to master the basics.

Those basics start with my signature Style & Body Type Analysis that gives you the foundation for:

  • Knowing what types of clothes work for your specific body type (regardless of your shape, size or how many pounds you think you should lose).
  • Defining a personal style that helps you express who you are on the outside and makes a clear statement to the world.
  • Having a clear plan for what pieces you need (and what you should steer clear from) so you have a cohesive, consistent look.

As your Personal Stylist, my role is to help you feel confident in what you’re wearing and to never have an “I’ve got nothing to wear!” moment again.

Plus, I’m all about the details because, with style, the details can make or break your look – so I teach you not just what to shop for, but how to pull everything together into a seriously stylish look.

While I learned the ropes of being a stylist working with celebrity stylists such as Sarah Paulsen and Zoe Costello, and on set for high profile photo shoots, my real love is helping everyday women learn to love style.

Are you ready to get started in defining your style?

I work with women in-person in the Dallas, TX metro area and virtually with women across North America.

Here’s how we can get started…

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Official Bio

Roxanne Carne is a Dallas, TX-based Personal Stylist who helps women define their personal style (both in-person and virtually!). An experienced stylist, Roxanne has worked with everyone from LA-based musicians and celebrities to everyday women across the U.S.

She is a graduate of the School of Style – the leading program for stylists in the U.S. – and holds certifications in personal styling, fashion styling and menswear.

Prior to becoming a stylist, Roxanne worked in corporate recruiting where she often found herself working with candidates to help them define their personal style to help secure their next career opportunity. Her styling work has been recognized by “Best Of” three years running and her work and styling insights have been featured on Fox 5, CBS DC, ABC 7, The Washington Post, and more!

Roxanne is a frequent speaker on finding your personal style and the connection between our style and success.

What Clients are Saying


“Roxanne immediately understood my needs and suited her services to where I am right now. I did not feel rushed or overwhelmed by her advice, and I had so many really pleasant moments of surprise and affirmation, I can hardly begin to describe. In person, Roxanne is pragmatic, warm, open, funny, wise, and very focused. She herself presents a natural style that suits her beauty, and she really encouraged me to see the beauty in myself *even before* we started the work. That’s what sets her apart, I think: she values you as you are, is not there to shame or discourage you, but instead shows you what you are already doing right with your style, and helps you go from good to great. She is incredibly well-organized and presents system and approach that are simple yet profoundly useful. I could go on and on, but in short: call her!”