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No matter how you may feel about your personal style right now,

I Can Help.

Tell Me If This Sounds Like You:

  • You feel like you have no style at all or that your current style is seriously stuck
  • You simply have no time to shop or you avoid it at all costs
  • You’re overwhelmed and simply don’t know where to start
  • Or you’re waiting for the day you lose 10, 20 or more pounds
I believe that every woman deserves to feel amazing and you shouldn’t have to wait for “someday” to have a sense of style that makes you stand out.

As a Personal Stylist, it is my mission to make style accessible to you today.

Not in 10 pounds or when you finally feel worthy. You need style now because when you define your personal style, you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Introducing the Style & Body Type Analysis

As little girls, we spend time playing dress up and then as teens we try to find ways to express ourselves through our style.

Yet, along the way, most of us aren’t taught style so we eventually decide to go for what’s easy. We let ourselves settle for clothes and accessories that are just okay.

Your style makes a statement to the world, and your personal brand needs to be able to convey just how special you are in a single look.

It’s time for you to go back to the start and define your own style based on where you are today.

My signature Style & Body Type Analysis is the
foundation for all of the work I do with my styling clients.

Here's How It Works

Step One

Style Type

Together we’ll define your personal style using my style archetypes so you have a consistent style that helps you feel absolutely amazing.

Step Two

Body Type

The secret to great style is knowing how to dress the body you have. You’ll learn what works for you, your must-have wardrobe pieces and what to stay away from.

This analysis is my secret to unlocking your signature style so you look good and feel good. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Each of my services include the Style & Body Type Analysis as the starting point for the work we do together.

I offer in-person styling services in Dallas, TX and virtual styling services to women across North America including an exclusive monthly style membership program!

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  • What Clients Are Saying


    “An absolutely wonderful, thoroughly professional, thoughtful and thought-provoking consultant. Roxanne immediately understood my needs and suited her services to where I am right now, while also making it clear she can do much more as we develop a relationship. I did not feel rushed or overwhelmed by her advice, and I had so many really pleasant moments of surprise and affirmation, I can hardly begin to describe. In person, Roxanne is pragmatic, warm, open, funny, wise, and very focused. She herself presents a natural style that suits her beauty, and she really encouraged me to see the beauty in myself *even before* we started the work. That’s what sets her apart, I think: she values you as you are, is not there to shame or discourage you, but insteads shows you what you are already doing right with your style, plus tips and tricks for pulling looks together and going from good to great. She is incredibly well-organized and presents system and approach that are simple yet profoundly useful. I could go on and on, but in short: call her!”


  • What Clients Are Saying


    “ After having my baby, I hired Roxanne because I needed a fresh start, and Roxanne gave me that. I was a little nervous that the clothes Roxanne would pick for me would be too fancy for my life. But they aren’t! She picked out outfits that I could live in forever, and that are perfect for my lifestyle. The number one thing I got out of this experience with Roxanne is peace of mind. Getting out of the house with my toddler is hard—I have to dress her, pack an insane amount of gear, figure out snacks—and then I have get myself ready. Now at least that last part is a breeze. Roxanne has saved me a ton of time every morning. Plus, wearing the looks she picked out, I feel happy, confident, put together. I can’t recommend Roxanne and her services enough.


    Julie | The Luxe Styling Experience
  • What Clients Are Saying


    “I used Roxanne’s services as a birthday gift for my mom – the woman who has everything and more in her closet! Roxanne was incredibly friendly and helpful, reinforcing my mom’s sense of style and choices, while simultaneously guiding her to consider thinning out her wardrobe. Roxanne’s emphasis on quality over quantity and shopping with intent made for a wonderful afternoon and an excellent gift!”

  • What Clients Are Saying


    “ The best choice I ever made was hiring Roxanne Carne as my wardrobe consultant and purchasing her Luxe Styling Package! She is a gem! Before we met, I completed a styling questionnaire. During our first meeting, she was prepared! I knew she had taken the time to review my answers. She thoroughly understood me, and my wardrobe needs. By the end of the first meeting, I knew my body type, what styles work and don’t work with my body type, and discovered my personal styling type. During the first appointment we also went through every item in my closet. A complete closet cleanse! After the first meeting she followed up with information we discussed during our meeting which included general style tips. Additionally, prior to her shopping for me, she sent a mood board with some ‘inspirational’ images. The images were exactly what was missing in my wardrobe and exactly what we discussed! The next appointment was my fitting. I was COMPLETELY impressed with the purchases she made for me. I had so much fun trying everything on. A totally enjoyable experience! She captured the look I wanted and brought it to my home!!!! I found the perfect Personal Stylist and will no longer dread finding that perfect outfit, or that styling look! I just wish I had found Roxanne much sooner!”

    Marcia | The Luxe Styling Experience