In-Person Services

In THE Dallas / FORT WORTH, TX Area

Your style is about more than just clothes or accessories.

It’s about how it makes you feel as you go through your life

and the message it sends
to the world.

As a stylist based in the Dallas, TX area, I can work with you in-person in a number of ways from making over your closet to taking care of your shopping needs.

All of my in-person services start off with my signature Style & Body Type Analysis to help you create a lasting foundation for a style you’ll love.

Here’s How We Can Work Together In Person:

The Closet Edit

If you dread opening your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear, you need the Closet Edit.

For this package, I will come to your home and work with you to define your style with my signature Style & Body Type Analysis. Then we’ll go through your closet together to edit or remix it.

You’ll also get the Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist as a tool to help you build a wardrobe that works for every occasion. This checklist is your personal shopping list so you know what to buy the next time you go shopping!

Following our session, you’ll get a copy of your Body Type Briefing which includes the “must-have” items for your body type and guidance on what items to avoid.

When we’re done, you’ll have a clear idea of your personal style archetype and what looks best on you, as well as what wardrobe items you may want to add.

Book My Closet Edit

A Day In Style

Imagine, a full day dedicated to helping you define your style so you can walk away confident and with a closet full of clothes you’re excited to wear.

In the morning, we’ll meet at your home to lay the foundation for defining your personal style with the Style and Body Type Analysis. Through this process, you’ll uncover your Style Archetype so you can shop and dress with confidence, as well as your unique body type so you know what shapes and fits best work for you.

Next up, we tackle your closet with the Closet Edit. We will look at all of your clothes and accessories to edit or remix what you have, as well as identify what items you may need.

Then we’ll head for lunch where you can ask me all your style questions and chat about everything that’s happened so far.

We’ll wrap up the day by shopping together. I’ll take you to the best stores for your style and body type, coach you and help you pick out items and help you create a strategy for future shopping trips. You don’t have to purchase anything that day, but if you fall in love with something, I won’t stop you either!

When we’re done, you’ll get your Personalized Style Folio which includes must-have resources to help you stay stylish including:

  • Your Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist
  • Your Style Archetype
  • Your Body Type Briefing
  • Where to Shop for Your Style Archetype Cheat Sheet
  • Includes 8 hours of time with me, your Personal Stylist.
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The Luxe Styling Experience

Take your style to a whole new level with this VIP experience.

As your Personal Stylist, I know that details matter and that you’re looking for someone discerning to help you define your personal style. My commitment to you with the Luxe Styling Experience is that it will truly be a VIP experience.

How the Luxe Styling Experience Works:

The Luxe Styling Experience starts off with us spending a half day together at your home. This is my opportunity to get to know you as we get started with your Luxe Styling Experience.

Step One

Personal Style & Body Type Analysis

First, we’ll define your personal style with my Style & Body Type Analysis. Through this process, you’ll uncover your personal Style Archetype so you can always shop and dress with confidence. We’ll also identify your body type so you'll discover which garments, fit, and style work best for you.

Then, together, we’ll review your closet at the comfort of your home and perform a Closet Edit. This will help us identify which key wardrobe items you have and which one you need, according to our body & style type analyses. I'll also suggest interesting ways to remix what you already have to make the most of your current wardrobe!

Step Two

Style Definition & Shopping

With your style foundation in place, I head back to my styling studio and design your personal mood board. The mood board is a collection of images I personally curate and share with you that best represent the style direction I envision for your new look.

Once we agree on your style direction, this is where the real fun starts! I hand-select and shop the best wardrobe items based on your needs. This saves you time and frustration of finding perfect-for-you clothes & accessories for your everyday life, upcoming travel, or social functions.

Step Three

Your Personal

To prepare for your personal fitting with me, I style all of your looks in my styling studio prior to our appointment. I handle all the fine details in advance to ensure that you'll feel pampered and confident during your personal fitting!

Next, you'll come to my stylish Uptown Dallas studio for your Personal Fitting (where you can expect wine or champagne!). During your fitting, you'll try on each outfit I've personally curated and styled just for you, you'll benefit from my critical eye as I ensure the overall best fit and style for you, and together, we'll make final selections on which new wardrobe items will adorn your closet!

Book Your Luxe Styling Experience

The Luxe Styling Experience is 100% customized to your needs and starts at $3,499. I only book a limited number of Luxe Styling Experiences each month to ensure each client receives my utmost care and attention.

It’s important to me that the Luxe Styling Experience is the right fit for your needs and that I can create an outstanding experience. To discuss your needs and the Luxe Styling Experience, you can book a call with me below.

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What Clients are Saying


The best choice I ever made was hiring Roxanne Carne as my wardrobe consultant and purchasing her Luxe Styling Package! She is a gem! Before we met, I completed a styling questionnaire. During our first meeting, she was prepared! She thoroughly understood me, and my wardrobe needs. By the end of the first meeting, I knew my body type, what styles work and don’t work with my body type, and discovered my personal styling type. During the first appointment we also went through every item in my closet. A complete closet cleanse! After the first meeting she followed up with information we discussed during our meeting which included general style tips. Additionally, prior to her shopping for me, she sent a mood board with some ‘inspirational’ images. The images were exactly what was missing in my wardrobe and exactly what we discussed! The next appointment was my fitting. I was COMPLETELY impressed with the purchases she made for me. I had so much fun trying everything on. A totally enjoyable experience! She captured the look I wanted and brought it to my home!!!!

I found the perfect Personal Stylist and will no longer dread finding that perfect outfit, or that styling look! I just wish I had found Roxanne much sooner!”

Marcia | The Luxe Styling Experience