kind words

"My Closet Edit session with Roxanne was both an enjoyable and extremely helpful experience.

Within the first five minutes, I had already had an "a-ha" moment about what styles work best for me and why. She helped me discover a clear sense of my body type which is both freeing and empowering! We purged those pieces from my closet that are no longer serving me and generated fresh ideas about adding to the existing pieces in my wardrobe in a way that is truly exciting. Roxanne is genuine, perceptive and knowledgeable. She shared helpful insight and practical tips on everything from bra sizing to fabric care. Thanks to Roxanne, I have the confidence and the tools to create looks that are just right for me. I am inspired!"

Nia S.

"Roxanne absolutely exceeded my expectations (which were high to begin with!).

She is extremely professional as well as personable and I was very impressed with her extensive knowledge. What I really valued was sitting down with her at the beginning of the appointment and body typing me. Also, just as importantly, identifying my style which was actually a combo of types....then, when we went to my closet, we both had a very clear vision of what I wanted and it was so easy to purge the pieces that weren't my style or flattering to my body type.....she gave me so many original ideas on how to pair pieces together that I never would have thought of...I have an entire new wardrobe without buying anything! But I also have a shopping list of enhancing items if/when I want to add! I am thrilled and would highly recommend Roxanne. By helping me define my style, Roxanne has saved me so much money and has truly changed my life - when you feel like you have your right style, you exude confidence and it carries over into every aspect of your life!"

Micki K.

"An absolutely wonderful, thoroughly professional, thoughtful and thought-provoking consultant.

Roxanne immediately understood my needs and suited her services to where I am right now, while also making it clear she can do much more as we develop a relationship. I did not feel rushed or overwhelmed by her advice, and I had so many really pleasant moments of surprise and affirmation, I can hardly begin to describe. In person, Roxanne is pragmatic, warm, open, funny, wise, and very focused. She herself presents a natural style that suits her beauty, and she really encouraged me to see the beauty in myself *even before* we started the work. That's what sets her apart, I think: she values you as you are, is not there to shame or discourage you, but instead shows you what you are already doing right with your style, plus tips and tricks for pulling looks together and going from good to great. She is incredibly well-organized and presents a system and approach that are simple, yet profoundly useful. I could go on and on, but in short: call her!"

Lisa S.

"My experience working with Roxanne Carne was absolutely top notch.

Everything about the services she offers epitomizes excellence. Roxanne helped me to edit my closet, taught me about my body type and what clothes look best on me, helped me identify my own style, and went shopping with me to begin building a wardrobe that reflects my best self. We only spent about 8 hours together, but it was such an adventure for me and it has truly been life changing. Truly. I feel like I have my "groove" back, and I hadn't even realized I had lost it. I have so much more confidence now knowing that I look great. Not only that, but during the three weeks since my style "re-boot" I have received at least one compliment every work day! How is that for success?! In addition to giving me the knowledge to select clothes that look great on me and boosting my confidence, Roxanne was easy to talk to and fun to get to know. We had a great time together. I recommend Roxanne and her services without reservation. Whatever you are considering doing style-wise, do it with Roxanne. I promise you will NOT regret it. She is fabulous."

Kate M.

"Roxanne took great care of me! I have a mostly new wardrobe full of pieces that I love and that fit perfectly.

And I don't need to buy anything else for this season; my wardrobe is complete. Cleaning out my closet was pretty painless because we focused on keeping the pieces that were already, or could be tailored to be, flattering. I kept a few other items that were really mementos rather than clothes that I would wear, but everything else went to a nonprofit that Roxanne recommended who helps homeless women prepare to join the workforce. All I really had to do was be open to taking a journey with Roxanne, rather than clinging to my original ideas. I wanted a work wardrobe that projects a certain image, and that is exactly what I got. What changed is my idea of how to get there. By the halfway mark, I trusted her enough to try anything she selected. At least 90% of the items fit me extremely well, so I got to make choices based on cut and color without getting frustrated. I was amazed at how many of the pieces I liked, and I had a hard time deciding what not to keep. Roxanne is professional, responsive, thorough, inventive, and a warm, positive person. She is worth EVERY penny."

Diana P.