7 Top Tips on How to Prep Your Clothes for the Next Fall/Winter Season

Roxanne Carne, Personal Stylist shares her Seven Steps for Prepping your Clothes for Next Season

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As many of us transition into the Spring/Summer season, spring cleaning comes to mind but remember that this isn’t limited to your major household chores – your closet needs a refurb, too! I often mention how important it is to go through your wardrobe at least twice a year for a clean refresh heading into the next season, and this time I want to concentrate on spring cleaning your closet. It’s time to think about items you've worn with love and preparing them for the next Fall/Winter Season.

So, without further ado, check out my top 7 tips on how to best prepare your closet for the next Fall/Winter Season – video and detailed resources are included below!

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7 Tips to Prep Your Clothes for Fall & Winter

  1. Dry Clean Your Clothes: Don't be a stranger to dry cleaning! It’s easy to remember your day-to-day items, but make sure you take your scarves and winter coats as well. When you bring your items back home, be sure to remove the clothing from the temporary plastic garment bags. This gives your clothes a chance to breathe and air out any cleaning chemicals the dry cleaners used.  This is essential to avoid any garment discoloration. 
  1. Utilize a Cobbler: Your shoes have taken you from place to place all season, and now it's time to show them some TLC. Look out for any shoes that may need to be re-soled on the bottom and don’t forget about texture! If it's a leather shoe, make sure it's getting moisturized, and if it's suede, make sure it’s getting sprayed for more stain and water resistance (more on that next!).
  1. Protect Your Suede: If you live in a town with limited on cobbler resources, many dry cleaners have specialist partners who they use to refresh your shoes. Again, this helps prevent stains and water damage.And here’s a cheeky alternative for you: Scotchgard is a great affordable DIY suede-protector option for your shoes.  (PRO TIP: You can also use the Scotchgard spray on your suede/nubuck handbags, coats, and gloves!
  1. Fur Care (for those who like fur!): Once the cold seasons are over, get your treasured furs to a furrier pronto, because warmer temperatures can really damage your investment pieces. Since furs need to be in cooler temperatures, a furrier is a great option because they securely house your furs and keep them in a climate-controlled atmosphere to make sure there's no disintegration of the pelt.  Ask your local fur retailers or search Google for reputable local furriers.
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  1. Storage: If there are pieces that don't transition into your spring or summer wardrobe, and you won't be wearing them for a while, I suggest transferring them to breathable garment bags or canvas containers. The garment bags are helpful for hanging items, while the canvas containers are great for folded items like sweaters, scarves, etc. Any of these methods will prevent your valuable clothing from dust, moths/insects, and damp environments.

HACK:  Repurpose luxe garment boxes from retailers for storing your out-of-season clothing as I did in my Welcome to My Closet video!  (My faves are from Net-a-Porter!) If possible, you shouldn't use an airtight container because you need your clothes to breathe! This is why I don’t recommend storing clothes in plastic or storage bins because it promotes discoloration (and mustiness!).

HACK: In my closet, I utilize boot storage bags to carefully store my boots between in- and out-of-season wear. These boots are great for minimizing dust and preventing moisture damage. Another plus is that they come in different sizes and will offer protection for any boot height up to the knees (FYI, structured over-the-knee boots will not fit.)  PRO TIP: When storing my boots, I also use a boot shaper that prevents the boots’ shafts from collapsing and wrinkling until the next time I wear them.

  1. Moisturize Your Leather: This includes shoes, handbags, and clothes. Anything that is a smooth leather needs to be moisturized and conditioned because they will crack without proper moisture or humidity.  I prefer to use the Otter Wax Leather Salve – a little goes a long way!
  1. Closet Cleanse: Take a good look at your Fall/Winter wardrobe and spend some time assessing items that you did NOT wear as well as items that did NOT serve you. Ask yourself, “Do I need this?” or “Does this fit me?” or “Does this make me feel fabulous when I wear it?”  These are the questions I ask my clients when we’re working through my Signature Styling Services.  Many of us tend to hold on to garments that no longer serve us, but perhaps we keep them for sentimental reasons, or for hope that “one day” we’ll fit into those clothes again.. but NOPE! Time to let go so you can make room for beautiful clothes that will make you LOOK and FEEL fabulous.

This is a great exercise to do during major seasonal shifts. Do you love them anymore? Do you wear them anymore? If the answer is “no”, then it's time for that item to go!

HINT: If you need some inspiration and expert guidance filtering through your “must-haves” and the “need-nots,” I encourage you to sign up for my FREE 8-Day Cleanse Your Closet Challenge. This complimentary online program will help you cull your closet twice a year (or whenever you want!) at an easy, reasonable pace.

So, there you have it!  These are my top tips for prepping your closet for the next Fall/Winter Season What other ways help you prepare your closet for the next season? Comment below with your tips and methods!

Yours in Style,

Roxanne XOXO


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