13 Ways to Style Your Scarf & Change Your Look

Now that we’re officially in the fall season and transitioning our wardrobes to soft, warm, and cozy pieces, one item that most of will wear is a handy, dandy scarf.   Scarves are great accessories or even sometimes the perfect focal … Read More

Style Hacks That You’ll Love!

You'll Love These Awesome Style Hacks for Your Wardrobe! ~Roxanne Carne | Personal Stylist

It’s helpful to have useful tips in life, right?  Well, here are five new style hacks to help keep you stylish both short- and long-term! Don’t wear freshly ironed (or steamed clothes) immediately – If you put the clothes on right away, … Read More

A Secret Weapon for Your Undergarment Arsenal

A Secret Weapon for Your Undergarment Arsenal Here’s a styling challenge that probably every woman has faced at some point in her fashion life.  You have a killer dress that has either a deep-plunging back or is completely backless which … Read More

5 Style Hacks You’ll Love!

5 Style Hacks You’ll Love! We all need and love good hacks to get us through life.  Here are some cool style hacks I’ve put together to help you get through styling your life. 😉  Enjoy! Don’t wash your jeans … Read More