A Secret Weapon for Your Undergarment Arsenal

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A Secret Weapon for Your Undergarment Arsenal

Here’s a styling challenge that probably every woman has faced at some point in her fashion life.  You have a killer dress that has either a deep-plunging back or is completely backless which means that you can’t wear a traditional bra or even a strapless bra because the band will be exposed.  If the dress doesn’t have much support in the front and isn’t very flattering if you were to go completely bra-less, what do you do?  Well I have an awesome solution for you, of course! 😉


A Backless Bra is Your Secret Weapon

You can get a backless bra!  You’re probably wondering a) what's that?… b) how is that possible?… and c) how the heck does the bra stay up?  Well the secret is literally inside of the cup!  The inside of the cup is lined with an adhesive layer that sticks to your skin while offering enough support to help you pull off your look.  When you slip your dress on, it looks like you’re bra-less, but you’re not!  The cool thing about this type of bra is that you can reuse it as needed, with gentle & mild hand washing in between.  (Technically, these bras don't last forever, but how often would you need to wear it anyway)?  For storage and longevity, the bra comes with a light plastic film that apply onto the adhesive when not in use.

I feel that every woman should have this secret weapon in her undergarment arsenal.  I’ve had mine for a few years and love it!  I purchased mine at Nordstrom, but you can also find it online with other stores as well.  They typically come in nude or black.  If you don’t have one of these bad boys (or girls!) already, I highly suggest that you invest in one.  Now you no longer have to say no to backless dresses that you thought you couldn’t wear before. Woohoo!

Stylishly Yours,

Roxanne XOXO

Roxanne Carne is a recognized Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper styling women in Dallas, TX and virtually!  Visit www.roxannecarne.com to discover how she can help transform your wardrobe and transform your life!

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