Pasties, Petals & Dimmers – Why Every Woman Should Have Them!

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Pasties, petals, dimmers – these are all code words for nipple covers which are an essential must-have for your wardrobe.  I faithfully carry these in my styling kit because I often educate my clients on the best ways to wear sheer tops or bras without exposing their…ahem…headlights!

How Do Nipple Covers Work?

How do they work?  The best nipple covers are made of silicone and are nude in color.  The inside has a thin coat of adhesive that gently sticks to your areola while providing a firm fit. They also come in round or petal shapes.  Most of them are reusable for about 10 wears so you can certainly get your money’s worth from them!

Taking care of them is easy, too!  After wearing the nipple covers, all you need to do is gently clean the cover with tepid water mixed with mild soap.  (And yes, it's totally okay to get the adhesive side wet!).  When you're done rinsing, gently shake them to get the excess water off and lay them down on a paper towel with the adhesive side up to air dry.  Once it's fully dry, affix the protective plastic sheet that it originally came with onto the adhesive side.  It will be all ready for you the next time around!

These disposable covers are perfect for:

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  • When you have to go braless
  • Providing a smooth line in your bust area if you’re wearing a thin or sheer bra
  • Providing coverage and comfort when it’s cold outside

They are very comfortable and are the best bet to avoid embarrassment or self-consciousness of those dreaded “high beams.”  You can easily find multi-pack nipple covers on Amazon so there’s no reason not to add these to your wardrobe today!

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