What to Wear to Work in the Post-Pandemic World

Roxanne Carne, Personal Stylist shares insights on women's post-pandemic workwear on the TV show, Daytime.

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Over the past few months, the U.S. has slowly started to “open up” as we move into yet another stage of our “new normal” which is our post-pandemic world. With this transition comes another wave of uncertainty across many aspects of our lives – including our wardrobes!

As of late, I’m working with so many clients who are confused about what on earth they should wear as they venture back to the office (in many times working a hybrid model of working from home a few days during the week). So I wrote this article to provide some helpful tips and product recommendations that are trending in this latest stage of our new normal.

Post-Pandemic Style Trends

As a Personal Stylist, it’s been very interesting to observe how the fashion world has flexed and adjusted over this time in response to our global lifestyle change and what consumers now desire. In my experience, this is truly the first time where I’ve seen a bottom-up approach when it comes to fashion design. Let me explain…Typically, from season to season, it’s the major fashion houses that determine the design and style trends readily available in the retail world.

However, the script has most definitely flipped! What’s happening now is that designers are listening to what consumers are saying they want and need when it comes to post-pandemic clothing choices. The common theme stemming from consumers is that we desire an extension of our pandemic wardrobe lifestyle as we slowly return to the office. We want relaxed silhouettes, softer, natural fabrics as well as fun, brighter colors that give us hope as we step into this new phase of life.

We’re seeing these desires transformed into garments that work well for the office – an office environment that’s also more relaxed and comfortable aligning with our pandemic lifestyles. And designers are taking these cues! These new looks are coined as being ‘Power Casual’ – outfits that strike a balance between being super comfortable yet upbeat and fresh!

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A Firsthand Look at Women’s Style – Post-Pandemic!

On NBC’s TV show, Daytime, I shared a few of these trends that we’ll start seeing more and more of as we continue to settle into the post-pandemic world. Watch my show segment below for quick insights on these trends but be sure to read below for even more trends (and examples) that we didn’t have time to cover!

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From the above TV segment, here are more details about the trends I discussed (and read on for more trends, too!). The great thing about all these trending styles is that they:

  • can be found at any price point – hooray for affordability!
  • can be styled in chic, comfortable ways
  • are easy to wear whether you’re in a commute, sitting at the desk, or transitioning from a day look to a night look


While leggings certainly aren’t a new item for most of our wardrobes, they definitely played a major role in our pandemic wardrobe style. These functional, yet comfortable pieces carry on in the post-pandemic world and are jazzed up in an elevated way!

Baby Doll/Shift Dresses

Baby doll dresses are the new shift dress! Offering maximum comfort and very forgiving for those that experienced weight fluctuations, it’s no surprise that this style has become a staple for post-pandemic workwear.

Pants with Elastic Waistbands & Wide-Legged Pants

Goodbye overly structured and tailored pants! And hello to wide-legged pants and pants with elastic waistbands! Extending the familiar theme of ultimate comfort from home to work, these types of pants are ruling in retail!


Our feet need comfort, too! Forget tall stilettos (which I honestly will always love, LOL), but for the near future, slides & mules to the rescue! These minimally structured shoes are so easy to get in/out of and wear while complementing our ‘Power Casual’ looks in style! We’re seeing slides and mules with awesome colors, prints, and textures (such as faux fur) adorning our feet!

Now here are the extra style trends I didn’t have time to talk about on the show…

Unstructured Tops & Oversized Silhouettes

Like the looser-fitting pants I mentioned above, we’re seeing similar silhouettes emerging from designers as they style our upper body for post-pandemic workwear. In this same vein, both softer and natural fabrics become the new go-to’s for these types of tops – especially ones that are wrinkle-resistant!

Playful Colors

Let’s face it – dressing at home for the pandemic wasn’t fun for most of us…and for even more of us, defaulting to neutral or dark colors felt good because, well, it was easy! But coming out of the pandemic, we’ve been craving more! More vibrant colors and patterns, that is! And designers are responding with fun, vivacious colors to help us step into the world with hope, confidence, and a shot of happiness!

Slip-on Sneakers

One more ‘Power Casual’ wardrobe item that's a great companion to the slides and mules are slip-on sneakers – stylish kicks that don't have laces and you literally just slip them on and off. I’ve used these for years as my driving and errand-running shoes. They’re so comfy and cute enough to don in the workplace and are truly exploding in stores right now!

So, there you have it! I hope this quick rundown of top wardrobe items will help you solve the challenge of what to wear in the post-pandemic world! Did you find the trends and product recommendations helpful? And which key comfort items are you rocking these days? Please comment below or better yet, join the conversation in real-time with other women like you who are members of my private virtual community, The RC Style Guide® Collective!

Yours in Style,

Roxanne XOXO

Roxanne Carne is a recognized Personal Stylist styling women in Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW), TX, and all over the U.S. (both in-person and virtually)!  Join her private virtual community for women, The RC Style Guide® Collective, or visit roxannecarne.com to discover how she can help transform your wardrobe & transform your life!


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