Top Fall/Winter 2021 Fashion & Style Trends

Personal Stylist, Roxanne Carne, shares her insights on the top 2021 fall & winter fashion and styles trending this season!

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It’s that time again! The most fun and desired styling season is upon us – Fall & Winter! I don’t know what it is about dressing for the fall and winter seasons, but it’s so much fun and it’s absolutely my favorite. (FYI, I hate the cold weather, but I LOVE dressing for it)!

In the autumn season, typically deep, rich colors emerge and there are all sorts of beautiful layering options emerge like stylish tights, cashmere turtleneck sweaters, wool skirts and trousers, and full-length coats. I love it all and I’m here for it!! And for many clients I work with, dressing for the fall and winter seasons is their favorite, too!

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As we navigate through what we hope is the post-pandemic world, there has been a wave of self-realization, confidence, and creativity emerging from the masses – and that includes designers as well! What I’ve seen on the 2021 fall/winter runways has been a healthy mix of fun, daring, dramatic, and even classic looks. But they all mean something. The vibe feels different this time around. I think that with so many of us yearning for something new after the 2020 pandemic, we are all ready for it and it will show in our clothes for sure!

As such, I’m excited to share my semi-annual fashion and style trend guide centered on the upcoming fall and winter seasons. In recent years, my trend guides usually feature the ‘Top 10’ fashion trends that I see as being significant coming from the runways to the stores. However, this time around, my fashion & style guide highlights 13 top trends that I know will be hits. I couldn’t limit it to only 10 trends – I couldn’t hold back, LOL! 😂

Let’s get this party started, shall we? I invite you to do these TWO simple things to get some inspiration for your fall/winter wardrobe:

  1. Watch my video directly below to check out my highlights of a few key trends we’re seeing this season and…
  2. Download your complimentary copy of my full Fall/Winter 2021 Fashion Trend Report (also below!) to access ALL 13 of the latest trends that you’ll see in stores this season.

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After watching my trend highlights and viewing the full 13-trend report, are there any fashion and style trends that are floating to the top for you? Will be any that you’re certain you’ll experiment with for the upcoming season? Let me know and comment below!

I hope you enjoyed this season’s trends!!

Yours in Style,

Roxanne XOXO

Roxanne Carne is a recognized Personal Stylist styling women in Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW), TX, and all over the U.S. (both in-person and virtually)!  Join her private virtual community for women, The RC Style Guide® Collective, or visit to discover how she can help transform your wardrobe & transform your life!


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