Get to Know Your Winter Weather Wardrobe Essentials

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Get to Know Your Winter Weather Wardrobe Essentials

Is your WWW… winter weather wardrobe in top gear? With super cold temperatures that come with the winter season, you’ve got to make sure that you have the right wardrobe pieces to keep you comfortable and, of course, warm!  Wintertime is not the season to rock your cute leather moto jacket (LOL, we’ve got plenty of time for that!).  While dressing for winter may feel more like a functional task instead of a styling opportunity, I want you to know that you can have both!  So, I’ve curated a few winter weather wardrobe essentials that are cute, functional, and don’t break the bank.

Your Winter Weather Wardrobe Essentials

Winter Weather Wardrobe Essentials - Roxanne Carne

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Winter Coat

When I think of dressing for winter, this is the first clothing item I think of!  (TIP: Since winter coats tend to be bulkier, I select my coat first and then work backwards to determine my actual outfit.  There’s nothing more annoying than layering your pieces only to find out that you’re overstuffed in your coat and can’t lower your arms, LOL).  I recommend down-filled coats because they are affordable, durable, and keep you nice & cozy.  For your winter wardrobe, I’ve selected a few down-filled puffer coats (including coats that have a fur trim) that serve style and function!  A couple of these styles are belted, which is helpful to create a nice silhouette. 😉


Remember when Mom always said that to keep warm outside, you need to wear a hat?  In colder temperatures, since we lose most of our body heat through our heads, the key to keeping (and feeling) warm is to wear a hat.  (Mom is always right!).  Cable knit or fleece beanies make a good choice because they fit perfectly in hooded coats.  This season, beanies are quite popular, but with a twist!  Whimsical pom beanies are all the rage amongst women of all ages.  These types of beanies work well if you’re wearing a hoodless coat.  You see, regular beanies or pom beanies are both stylish and functional!


Our fingers tend to get cold pretty quickly in the winter.  No winter weather wardrobe is complete without a good pair of gloves.  When selecting your gloves, please don't ‘cheap out’ and buy gloves that tear or pill easily – you know the type I'm referring to.  You need to purchase quality gloves that will last for several winter seasons with good care.  Cashmere gloves (or cashmere-lined gloves) are luxuriously soft and oh so warm!  You can get standard length gloves or for more warmth, you can opt for longer gloves as shown in my collection.


If you’re wearing a hat that doesn't cover your ears, earmuffs are the way to go.  While that notion isn’t rocket science, it’s a practical solution that we often forget about (or just think about as an option for kids, not adults). Earmuffs can be very stylish and warm too!  If you’re a fan of fur, you can get earmuffs made from many different fur types.  On the other hand, if real fur isn’t your thing, go for faux fur or fleece.  Heck, you can even get cashmere earmuffs too!  (Are you catching the cashmere trend in winter weather wardrobes?)

Scarves & Neck Warmers

This is one piece that all of us have and you can have so much fun with it!  Scarves & neck warmers come in many different fabrics, textures, and colors.  It can be a great accent piece to your winter weather ensemble.  In my collection, I included a rabbit fur accent neck warmer that is incredibly warm.  I recently gave this as a Christmas gift to my best friend and she absolutely adores it!  Jazz up your winter look with a stylish scarf or neck warmer – it’s so easy to do!


As much as I love over-the-knee boots for cool autumn weather, they’re not practical for your winter weather wardrobe when there’s snow and ice involved.  There’s no sense in leaving the house if you can’t walk in your shoes!  So, I’ve pulled a couple of cute lace-up snow boots that give you traction, stability, and style.  Little details like the faux fur and pattern-mixing give the boot a more distinct look.  Another bonus is the waterproof finish that’s perfect for the not-so-nice days filled with a wintry mix.

Knee Socks

Since we’ve got your winter boots covered, now we’ll address how to keep your tootsies warm while wearing them.  Regular socks are just fine, but in frigid temperatures, you’ll want a bit more than that.  Wool knee socks are a great way to add an additional layer of warmth.  You can have lots of fun with it by selecting pairs that have whimsical patterns; even though others might not be able to see it, you can! 🙂

Long Johns

Finally, you’ve got to have a comfortable pair of long johns to complete your winter weather wardrobe.  Whether you get tops, bottoms, or long john onesies, this is a wardrobe staple for this time of year.  Long johns vary in thickness and some are made with special material that keeps you very well insulated.  If you get the right thickness, they should fit comfortably underneath your clothes.  Also consider buying a few pieces that you can rotate and be sure to follow the care instructions to extend its life.


You’re probably wondering about sweaters?  I haven’t forgotten about this obvious winter weather wardrobe essential – I’ve got a dedicated post about that right here, so please check it out!

Hopefully, these tips will help you get your winter weather wardrobe in gear.  If you have any questions about fine-tuning these essentials, comment below or contact me here.  Stay warm and stylish!

Stylishly Yours,

Roxanne Carne

Roxanne Carne is a recognized Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper styling women in Dallas, TX and virtually!  Visit to discover how she can help transform your wardrobe and transform your life!

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