How to Style Your Winter Weekend Getaway

Get cool tips on how to style your winter weekend getaway! - Roxanne Carne Personal Stylist

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As I write this blog post, I’m headed out for an extended weekend to Aspen for an exclusive Louis Vuitton fashion event.  And only just before that for the President’s Day holiday, I visited Northern VA to do some bridal party shopping for my upcoming wedding! 

During this time of year, when events come up or you want a change of scenery it’s nice to steal away for a long winter weekend getaway.  For quick trips like this where you’re only away for a few days, you’re able to pack less (which is always a win), but yet you still want to be stylish, right?

In today’s blog post and video below, I’m bringing you into my suitcase to see what I packed and how I styled my recent winter getaway to Virginia.  You’ll discover quick tips and must-haves for quick jaunts during the winter season.

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Dress with a Purpose

Before packing for any trip, you should always think about the purpose of your trip as that will ultimately dictate what type of clothing you should pack.  Think about the types of activities you’ll be doing while you’re away and what clothing, shoes, and accessories will best serve you from a practical & functional standpoint (while being stylish of course!).

My trip activities were more on the casual side with the ability to slightly upgrade my overall look to be more snazzy.

Style Around a Color Palette

When packing for a short trip, I always recommend styling your clothes within a similar color palette.  Prepping this way makes SO much easier to mix and match your looks around core staple pieces.  For example, the color palette I chose for my trip was ivory/beige/chocolate.  By doing so, I was able to rock different, memorable looks with minimal effort or fuss.

STYLING PRO TIP: I also chose this palette because dressing in beige colors instantly looks luxurious – especially in monochrome looks!

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What I Packed


  • A Stylish Oversized Sweater Poncho – Ponchos like this are perfect for airplane travel because you don’t have to wear a coat, it’s not constricting on your body, and it doubles as a fuzzy, cozy blanket!
  • Two Black Tees – These 100% cotton long-sleeved tees fit comfortably underneath the sweater poncho and offer a nice layer of warmth. (I have one each for my inbound/outbound trips).
  • Two Pairs of Skinny Jeans – I packed one classic pair of skinny jean and one distressed pair.  These are the perfect choice for sliding into my boots for a practical look; alternatively, they can be paired up with my heels for a sassier look!  It’s nice to have a couple of choices without bringing lots of pairs (jeans add so much weight to your luggage).
  • A Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater – This is a staple item for winter style right here!  A soft cashmere turtleneck is an ideal layering item because it’s not too thick, it’s luxuriously soft, and it's incredibly warm!
  • Two Ivory Knit Tops – A cute V-neck knit top with embellished sleeves to be worn separately or layered with my cropped bell-sleeve jacket or long camel-colored trench; and a one-shoulder asymmetric athleisure top that’s just oh-so-stylish and can be worn on its own or with my trench (you can check me out wearing this top here on TV!)
  • An LBD (aka Little Black Dress) – Never leave home without it!  You never want to be in a situation where you’re traveling, are unexpectedly invited to a cocktail hour, and not have anything to wear.  Save yourself stress and money by always bringing one LBD wherever you travel!



  • Cropped Bell Sleeve Jacket – I wanted to have some flair up top and something cute yet comfortable to layer over my V-neck knit top.  This single-breasted jacket features a lovely bell sleeve, gold lurex threading, and epaulettes offering a strong, structured shoulder.  It’s a fantastic layering piece and perfect to throw on as you transition from day to night.
  • Cashmere Trench Coat – I love draping this Burberry Kensington cashmere trench over my winter knits.  This coat is luxury from head to toe and so incredibly warm.  It can be worn open and hanging over your shoulder for a casual look or closed and belted for those cooler days.  I love pairing with a matching Burberry check scarf, of course!  Overall, this is a real treat to have with you during winter travel.


On this trip, I took along four pairs of shoes (wearing one pair for traveling, thus only packing three):

As you can see, my shoe selection covers all casual occasions – not formal, but not super casual eithers.  It’s the right mix of comfortable, stylish, and functional for my weekend activities.


  • Tom Ford Hobo Tote – Ideal for keeping essentials on hand that you don’t want to check in checked luggage (laptop, tablet, wallet, etc.). Dust Bag!!
  • Louis Vuitton Malle Petite Trunk Clutch – I love this little purse!!  It’s perfect for short trips allowing you to carry only your essentials.  You don’t want to be weighed down by a huge purse while you’re out and about.  This crossbody clutch offers both versatility and style!
  • Sunglasses – A great pair of sunnies that provide UV protection all year round is an essential accessory for your trip!

Okay, actually writing out my packing list makes it seem like a lot of items, but it’s really not!  You can get a better idea of how minimal this really is while watching my YouTube video.

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More Pro Tips on How to Style Your Winter Weekend Getaway

  • Wear a Pair, Take a Pair – For shorter tips, take no more than two pairs of jeans.  Taking only two pairs gives you the flexibility to switch up your style while not weighing down your suitcase – jeans weigh a lot!  Save space by wearing one pair and packing the other!
  • Wear Your Bulky Items – Wear your heavier sweater or poncho with larger boots during your travel so they don’t take unnecessary space in your suitcase and add to your luggage weight.  The benefit is that it helps you stay cozy in colder temperatures (like inside airport jetways – brrr!) or if you get too warm, you can always take some layers off!
  • Double It Up – Wear the same outfit for your both your outbound and inbound trip.

My Must-Haves for Any Weekend Getaway (and any Trip)!

  • Compression Socks – When traveling by plane, compression socks keep your feet and ankles from getting too swollen which is especially helpful during longer trips.  There’s nothing worse than having your feet swell in shoes while you’re wearing them OR trying to get your swollen feet back into shoes if you’ve taken them out during your flight.
  • Portable Garment Steamer – Let’s face it…your clothes will definitely get wrinkled while being packed up during your travels.  Forget about using hotel irons which can sometimes be icky!  Instead, pack your own portable garment steamer to smooth out wrinkles on demand!  They don’t take up a lot of space in your suitcase and are always handy to have on deck!  (You may want to check out my blog post on other must-have tools of the trade).
  • Slimline Hangers – Bringing your own hangers is helpful for two reasons.  First, not all hotels offer hangers (hard to believe, but true), but more often than not, hotels don't provide enough hangers which can be annoying.  Next, you’ll need a hanger for hanging your newly steamed clothing.  Slimline hangers are the best bet here because they are thin, lightweight and don’t take up much space in your suitcase.  I almost never travel without them!
  • Leather Jewelry Travel Organizer – This secure jewelry organizer rolls up for convenient storage in your carry-on and quick access with its multiple compartments. I use this for travel and for transporting jewelry for my clients!

So there you have it!  Those are my top tips on how to style your winter weekend getaway.  And if you haven’t already, definitely check out the accompanying video above!

What tips do you have on styling YOUR weekend getaway in the colder months?  Drop your comment below!

Stylishly Yours,

Roxanne XOXO

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