A Day In Style

Imagine, a full day dedicated to helping you define your style so you can walk away confident and with a closet full of clothes you’re excited to wear

  • In the morning, we’ll meet at your home to lay the foundation for defining your personal style with the Style and Body Type Analysis. Through this process, you’ll uncover your Style Archetype so you can shop and dress with confidence, as well as your unique body type so you know what shapes and fits best work for you.
  • Next up, we tackle your closet with the Closet Edit. We will look at all of your clothes and accessories to edit or remix what you have, as well as identify what items you may need.
  • Then we’ll head for lunch where you can ask me all your style questions and chat about everything that’s happened so far.
  • We’ll wrap up the day by shopping together. I’ll take you to the best stores for your style and body type, coach you and help you pick out items and help you create a strategy for future shopping trips.  You don’t have to purchase anything that day, but if you fall in love with something, I won’t stop you either!

When we’re done, you’ll get your Personalized Style Folio which includes must-have resources to help you stay stylish including:

  • Your Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist
  • Your Style Archetype
  • Your Body Type Briefing
  • Where to Shop for Your Style Archetype Cheat Sheet
  • Includes 8 hours of time with me, your Personal Stylist.

Book Your A Day in Style for $1999

This service typically books out three or more weeks in advance and I only book a limited number of these packages each month. If you have questions, you can click here to schedule a style consultation to discuss your needs and to ensure this service is a fit for you.

Price: $ 1,999.00