How to Transition from 5-to-Arrive Like a #Boss!

Transitioning an outfit from day to night really isn't that hard! Check out these six easy styling tips that will help you change up your look from 5-to-arrive! ~Roxanne Carne | Personal Stylist

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We live fantastically busy lives. From work to relationships, parenting, social activities, running errands, and building businesses it seems like we’re constantly on the move – and desperate for more time.

That’s why I can't stress my Transition from 5-to-Arrive like a Boss philosophy to you enough! 

It’s not always practical or possible for you to run home after work to transform from daywear to eveningwear.  And, let’s face it, packing a change of clothes in the morning isn't ideal.  (Where will you change? And will you have to carry your big bag around all night?)

As your trusty confidante, I’ve come up with some quick tips to help you easily transition from day to evening.

From 5-to-Arrive: Practical Tips

A quick tip to transition your look from day to night is to add statement jewelry such as a necklace or earrings! ~Roxanne Carne | Personal Stylist

Switch up your accessories after work

You can turn a completely work-appropriate outfit into a chic evening ensemble by simply swapping out your accessories. Wear large statement earrings, change out of your pumps or boots and opt for strappy heels. And take off hose or tights and go bare-legged.

Wear a fun, patterned blouse under a blazer

Pair a fun, patterned blouse with a cute skirt and a blazer for work.  When you’re ready to go out, ditch the blazer, switch out your accessories, and you’re ready to go!

Opt for darker makeup

Pack a darker lipstick and some eyeshadow in your bag.  Find an empty bathroom after work and apply the lipstick and darken your eye-makeup – you can even use the mirror in your car 🙂

Consider your outfit base

Use a good base piece to build your outfit.  For example, the right dress can be completely work-appropriate with tights, flats, and a blazer.  It can transition well to evening an evening look when you remove the tights, add strappy heels, take off the blazer, and let your hair down. Same goes for a good pencil skirt (try leather!) or a classy pair of pants.

Spray your signature scent

Most workplaces are perfume-free these days (or, at least, super light perfume) so don’t forget to pack some in your bag and give yourself a little spritz before heading to your evening or event.

Put your clutch in your day bag

You don’t want to lug around a big bag, purse, or laptop case while you’re out. Keep your clutch tucked away in your bag during the day, and grab it to complete your outfit before heading out.  Just don’t forget to switch your cards, phone, and other necessities to the clutch before you run off for the night. 😉

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Fashion is All About Creativity

There’s no reason you can’t make a seamless, chic transition from the office to an evening out, without having to stop at home and change. 

Fashion is all about creativity.  Consider a piece’s versatility, form, and function.  Look for pieces that can pull double-duty…and remember, it’s all in the details.

Your accessories, shoes, makeup, and handbag will make all the difference!  They’ll separate your outfit from all-business office wear to chic evening wear.

Do you have helpful 5-to-Arrive tips to share? I’d love to hear what you do to make a smooth transition from office to evening.  Comment below!

Stylishly Yours,


Roxanne Carne is a recognized Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper styling women in Dallas, TX and virtually!  Visit to discover how she can help transform your wardrobe and transform your life!

Transitioning an outfit from day to night really isn't that hard! Check out these six easy styling tips that will help you change up your look from 5-to-arrive! ~Roxanne Carne | Personal StylistR

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