10 Shoe Care Tips You Need to Know!

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10 Shoe Care Tips You Need to Know!

Most of us spend so much time running around on our feet – whether it’s work, taking care of errands, or chasing our kids!  It’s so easy to get caught up in your day-to-day life that you sometimes inadvertently neglect the most important tool that gets us around while keeping our feet dry and clean – your shoes!

Style Tips to Keep Your Shoes Looking New

Having well-kept shoes is a very important part of your overall appearance.  Why invest time, money, and effort in fine-tuning your wardrobe only to top it off with shabby shoes?  So today, I’m offering some quick & easy tips on how to keep this part of your wardrobe looking its best!


-Have some patent leather shoes?  Using baby wipes is a great method for cleaning patent leather.  Gently wipe your shoe with the wet wipe and when you’re done, buff the patent leather with a clean, soft cloth.  Finish up by applying a leather conditioner to really bring out the shine!


-For new suede shoes, apply a waterproofing spray to them before your first wear.  This will help repel water and stains!

-Keep your suede shoes looking fresh by gently brushing them with a suede brush to remove excess dust or dirt.  If you’re just refreshing them, make sure to brush the suede in one direction only.  For tougher stains, use a suede eraser (you can easily find these on Amazon).

-For your leather shoes, before applying your favorite leather cleaner & moisturizer, gently rub excess dirt off with a clean, soft cloth. After applying your moisturizer, use another soft cloth to buff the leather and bring out a nice, natural shine.

-For shoes that you wear often, try to clean them monthly to keep them looking in top shape.

-When it comes to storage, do you remember when I told you to keep your handbags out of the sunlight?  Well the same applies to your treasured shoes.  Keeping them out of direct sunlight will help keep them looking new by preventing fading.

Sexy black high heel shoes displayed on grey background.

Sexy black high heel shoes displayed on grey background.

-In your closet, store your shoes in separate spaces right next to each other (or inside of shoe boxes) instead of stacking them on top of each other.  Piling shoes on top of each other is murder on their shape and form so please don’t do that!

-While having a tailor in your rolodex is a necessity to keep you looking fabulous in all of our clothes, you should also have a cobbler or shoe hospital on deck to help take care of your shoes.  The soles of our shoes come into contact with all sorts of rough surfaces and as a result, they go through an incredible amount of wear and tear (especially if you wear some shoes fairly often)!

So when your soles or heels are worn down, instead of running out to buy a replacement, take the shoes to a cobbler so that they can refinish them for you.  Cobblers even clean your shoes as well so it’s well worth it!  Most dry cleaners have cobbler services, but they usually outsource this service.  I’d prefer that you work one-on-one with a cobbler so that you can ask them questions and find out what other magic they can do for your shoe collection!


-This is more of a foot care tip than a shoe care tip, but here you go anyway…when wearing new shoes for the first time, try not to wear them more than three hours or so.  This will help you ‘break in’ your shoes gently without feeling the discomfort of a stiffer fit for many hours because it’s so new.

-One more helpful tip – when it comes to keeping your shoes on a regular cleaning schedule, just add a recurring reminder to your personal calendar to help you keep on top of it.  When you have a recurring task set up for yourself, you’re more likely to complete it.

So there you have it!  That wasn’t so bad was it?  You’ll have an added pep to your step when you know your shoes rock!

Stylishly Yours,

Roxanne Carne

Roxanne Carne is a recognized Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper styling women in Dallas, TX and virtually!  Visit www.roxannecarne.com to discover how she can help transform your wardrobe and transform your life!

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5 Comments on “10 Shoe Care Tips You Need to Know!”

  1. Great tips! My ex keep me on point with shoe care. This serves as a great reminder for boots, suedes and patent leather.

    Any suggestions for salt stains on suede bootstrap Uggs?

  2. I really appreciate your tip to get a suede brush for your shoes so you can get rid of any imperfections on your shoe! My wife told me that she wants to get some new shoes so she can look good when we go out for my company dinner. I will be sure to tell her that she should get a suede brush with her shoes so they can look good for longer!

    1. Mark, thanks for your comment! Yes, having her invest in a suede brush is a good move – not only for the maintenance of her suede shoes, but other outfit items such as suede jackets, gloves, etc. It will definitely keep things looking better longer!

  3. It’s a good idea to get a suede brush for your shoes to remove any imperfections from them! i will try this and let you know the results..

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