Perfect Pairings: Chic Minimalist Jewelry & Fashion

Love minimalist style and passionate about ethical fashion? Want some pointers on the best places to buy minimalist jewelry and clothes? Don’t miss out on these awesome pairings of chic minimalist jewelry and clothes that support ethical fashion! ~Roxanne Carne | Personal Stylist

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More and more women that I work and engage with are looking to pare down and simplify their lives on all fronts.  They are consciously looking to do more with less – especially when it comes their wardrobe.  In addition, they seek to align with brands that serve a much greater purpose than just generating profits.  When it comes to clothing, it goes a bit deeper than that.  Socially-conscious women want their dollars to support ethical fashion companies that exercise sustainable manufacturing processes, use recycled materials, and pay fair wages.

The Perfect Pairing of Chic Minimalism & Ethical Fashion

However, when going through this process of scaling down, many women find it daunting to not only downsize their massive wardrobes but to also replenish it with core, minimalist pieces from ethical fashion labels.  The bottom line is that they want to accomplish this goal but still look chic – this task is not impossible!  Here lies the perfect pairing of chic minimalism and ethical fashion.

In its most simple form, minimalist fashion and style are centered on streamlined silhouettes and neutral colors.  Basically, nothing with much fuss or nothing that’s too contrived.  But this type of fashion isn’t limited to only garments, it extends to accessories, too!  As some women aim to embrace a more minimalist look, it’s important to consider jewelry options.  Remember that jewelry is often brought into the fold as either an accent or anchor piece to pull a look all the way together!  The refreshing news is that this can still happen in the minimalist realm.

Introducing Bev Feldman, Minimalist Jewelry Designer

As a Personal Stylist, I’m always on the hunt for fashion designers and lines that resonate with my audience and I’m excited to introduce you to a talented jewelry designer, Bev Feldman of Linkouture, that is rocking the minimalist jewelry space!

Bev is a not only a jewelry designer, but she’s also a metalsmith who handcrafts minimalist eco-friendly jewelry for value-guided women.  She believes in surrounding yourself with people and items that have purpose and meaning and wants to live in a world where women support businesses that align with their values – I love this!!  Bev makes all her jewelry in her home studio just outside of Boston, MA.  She focuses on creating pieces that are sustainably made, using primarily recycled or reclaimed sterling silver in her designs.  How awesome is that?

The Best Minimalist Pairings

So here’s what’s really exciting!  Bev just released her newest collection, Toula, just in time for the fall fashion season and you're one of the first to see it!  The Toula collection features understated pieces that you can easily mix-and-match with each other giving you ease and options!

I’m thrilled to share some of my favorite pieces from her collection with you.  And of course, as a Personal Stylist, I’m also sharing my recommendations on smart minimalist garment pairings for each piece.  Oh, and the best news?  Bev is hooking my readers up with a great deal on orders (more details below).

Triple Vertical Bar Pendant Necklace & Everlane Luxe Wool Ribbed Boatneck

Bev’s handmade necklace features three sterling silver vertical bars in graduated sizes, soldered together to form a stunning pendant. At the bottom of each bar is a hand-forged fine silver ball to give this piece the signature Toula line look.

This triple bar necklace pairs awesomely with Everlane’s Luxe Ribbed Boatneck top made from Australian merino wool that’s spun in Italy.  The lines of the necklace juxtapose nicely with the sleek neckline of this gorgeous fitted top.  Everlane is a socially responsible fashion line that’s completely transparent about where their clothing is manufactured and how they determine their prices. (Click images for more item details)

Rounded Rectangular Minimalist Post Earrings & Eileen Fisher Hemp/Organic Cotton Ballet Neck Box-Top

Ah, less is more for sure!  These minimalist sterling rectangular rounded square post earrings feature a tiny fine silver ball accent – totally understated, yet sweet.  They’re a perfect accessory to wear with an equally understated top such as this ultra-comfortable hemp & organic cotton top from Eileen Fisher.  Eileen Fisher is a known leader in sustainable, ethical fashion that uses natural, recycled, and high-tech fibers.  (Click images for more item details)

Double Bar Open Cuff Bangle Bracelet & Reformation Black Magpie Top

This is definitely one of my favorite pieces from Bev’s new collection!  This delicate and feminine open cuff bracelet features two vertical bars accented with tiny asymmetric hand-forged silver balls.  The cuff is nicely paired with this minimalist Reformation top that also channels feminism with its sleeveless bodice accented with gentle ruffles.  Reformation is a fashion-forward designer that sources sustainable fabrics and vintage garments while incorporating best practices throughout their supply chain.  Their mission is to make beautiful, luxurious styles at a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional fashion.  (Click images for more item details)

Sterling Silver Curved Post Earrings & Amour Vert Joanie Tank

These super cute minimalist sterling silver post earrings show off a delicate curve and are adorned with the Toula collection’s signature tiny fine silver ball.  The simple yet elegant design of these earrings should be paired with chic minimalist wrap top like this one from Amour Vert.  The sleeveless top’s mock neck draws the eye up toward these gorgeous earrings making it a perfect complement for this piece.  Amour Vert is a French-influenced fashion house based in San Francisco and was founded on the belief that great fashion and social responsibility can coexist. Amour Vert is a perfect pairing for Bev’s earrings because it’s also American-manufactured, uses sustainable materials, has a zero-waste philosophy, and above all, endures style.  A minimalist match made in heaven!  (Click images for more item details)

Teardrop Ring & Tabii Just Ryea Dress

Another winner from the Toula line is Bev’s sterling silver teardrop ring.  This was one of her first designs from this collection and is truly a classic piece.  For those of you that like to wear multiple rings, this is a great piece because it won’t clash with your collection and is unique enough to stand out on its own.  This delicate ring goes perfectly well with Tabii Just’s 100% silk Ryea dress.  What’s really unique about this dress is that it’s made from 100% surplus material! Tabii Just designs are thoughtful and centered on streamlined zero waste concepts.  That’s right – sustainability at its best!  (Click images for more item details)

Vertical Bar Ring & People Tree Teagan Wrap Dress

Finally, I’d like to highlight another beautiful piece from Bev Feldman’s Toula jewelry collection.  Her vertical bar ring offers classic minimalist perfection coupled with chic simplicity.  This lovely ring perfectly sets off a fitted V-neck wrap dress by People Tree.  I love the way the ring picks up on the metal hardware from the D-ring belt loop on the dress.  Chic from head to toe and on fingers, too!  People Tree is yet another awesome ethical designer serving up eco-friendly clothing choices for the fashion-forward woman.  Their mission is centered on working with fair trade producers, garment workers, artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce ethical and eco fashion collections.  (Click images for more item details)

Own Your Signature Bev Feldman Jewelry Piece Today – SALE!

Ladies, let’s support talented artists and small women-owned business like Bev Feldman’s Linkouture!  Each jewelry piece is personally handmade by Bev which means that each item is 100% unique and some are even customizable!  If you really want to set yourself apart with beautiful jewelry that’s not available to the masses, invest in upping your style with some of her pieces.  For my readers, Bev is offering 10% off your first purchase so there’s no reason not to start your collection – sign up by clicking on the link below to access her exclusive offering!

Enhance Your Wardrobe with Bev Feldman Minimalist Jewelry!

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I want to be ‘in the know’ – comment below to let me know which Bev Feldman pieces you’re getting to accent your minimalist wardrobe!  Happy Shopping!

Stylishly Yours,


Roxanne Carne is a recognized Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper styling women in Dallas, TX and virtually!  Visit to discover how she can help transform your wardrobe and transform your life!

Love minimalist style and passionate about ethical fashion? Want some pointers on the best places to buy minimalist jewelry and clothes? Don’t miss out on these awesome pairings of chic minimalist jewelry and clothes that support ethical fashion! ~Roxanne Carne | Personal Stylist

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