Roxie’s Stylish Item of the Day

Still supercharged about the transition into Spring (albeit a verrryyy slow transition here in the DC region), I’m still very much inspired by what the new season brings us in terms of fashion and style.  Today, I’d like to share … Read More

5 Style Hacks You’ll Love!

5 Style Hacks You’ll Love! We all need and love good hacks to get us through life.  Here are some cool style hacks I’ve put together to help you get through styling your life. 😉  Enjoy! Don’t wash your jeans … Read More

Style Inspiration – ‘Werk’ It!

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Style Inspiration – Early Fall Chic

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, summertime is officially over!  While you may not be ready for fall, you’ve got to make sure your wardrobe is! 😉  To help you ease into the transition, I’ve put together an Early Fall Chic look that’s versatile, layered, easy to wear, and of course, stylish!

Back to Basics: Wardrobe Edition

Happy September!  Even though it’s still warm outside, summer is drawing to a close and inside I’m screaming, “Noooo!!!”  I can tell the days are getting shorter & shorter and as I’m seeing kids go back to school, it’s a real reminder that autumn will be here in no time.

I shared in my last blog post that right now, half of my wardrobe resides in Virginia and the rest of my wardrobe is here in Los Angeles.  As I scan through my L.A. closet, I see that I’m really missing some of my core wardrobe pieces.  Now I have to decide whether I should just replace the items I don’t have at the moment (translation: shopping trip!) or wait a few weeks until I go back to VA and then bring some of my favorite pieces back with me.