Style Archetype: Bohemian

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Style Archetype: Bohemian

You might be a Boho fashionista if…

Your wardrobe is ALL about long, flowing outfits such as caftans & maxi dresses, has notes of tie dye and paisley, and includes head scarves, chunky leather bags, fringe, shawls, floppy hats, flared jeans, and boots!  Can we say, “Hippie?”  The Bohemian style archetype is probably the most laid back and ‘chill' of all style archetypes.  The ease and flow of BoHo looks are reminiscent of free spirits, peace, and love from the ‘70s.

Bohemian Style Archetype – Celebrities & Designers

When I think of Boho chic, Stevie Nicks immediately comes to mind!  She is the quintessential boho chic queen and many women and designers are still inspired from her style during her Fleetwood Mac days.  Other style icons that love rocking Bohemian garb include Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, Rachel Zoe, Lisa Bonet, Lenny Kravitz, Zoe Kravitz, the Olsen Twins, and Johnny Depp.

Some designers that revel in Boho chic are Isabel Marant, Elizabeth and James (Designers: The Olsen Twins), House of Harlow (Designer: Nicole Richie), Anna Sui (Fall 2015 line).

Here’s a mood board of images that reflect the ‘Bohemian’ Style Archetype.  Are you a Boho Chic kinda gal?  Feel free to comment below!

img1 Style Archetype: Bohemian

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