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Spring is my favorite time of year and is always a source of inspiration for me in so many ways!  When it comes to fashion, many of us go through a rebirth as we emerge from the darker colors and minimalist designs of wintertime.  Spring fashion brings us lighter colors, fabrics, florals, and whimsical prints & patterns.

Today’s stylish item is a great example of this emergence into Spring and I’m sharing it to inspire you as well.  This beautiful chiffon maxi dress is a creation from an up-and-coming designer, Ya Rong, whose HZY line combines Chinese-style traditionalism with modern minimalism.  I really like this piece because the empire waist forms a beautiful silhouette on most body types!  The colors are absolutely gorgeous too.  This dress wholly personifies this great season of change!

I hope this dress inspires you for your Spring wardrobe as much as it inspires me – enjoy!

Stylishly Yours,

Roxanne Carne

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