Fall Back with the Time Change? Not This Year! Here’s My Favorite Fall Fashion Forward Item…

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Welcome to my inaugural post on the ‘StyleRox' blog!  I'm so excited to get this started and share my thoughts and musings about fashion and style with you!  What better way to kick things off than by highlighting my absolute favorite Fall Fashion Forward item (alliteration, much??)!  Fall COATS – sure, this year's stylish fall coats actually hit the runway earlier this year, but they're in stores now ready for our consumption!

Even though I was born and raised in good ‘ole NYC (and born in November), I am not a fan of cool or cold weather AT ALL!  The only enjoyment I get out of the cooler months dressing up in beautiful, textured layers before venturing out.  Nothing tops it off your fall look like a statement coat – for me, it's actually ALL about the statement coat!  You can snazz up your look with a cute pea coat, leather moto, or a long, luxurious duster-style coat to keep your legs nice and toasty.

I'm going through a bit of withdrawal right now because of my fall coats are still back East. And I'm wondering which ones I'll be able to wear here in sunny L.A. in the cooler season.  Even in the milder months in L.A., it can still get pretty warm during the day so this year I'll have to experiment since I'll be transitioning into the fall season for the very first time here.  Once I get my hands back on my collection in a few weeks, I'll share some pics with you – I promise!  In the meantime, to cure my fall coat fix, I want to share some of my favorite looks from the Fall 2015 Ready to Wear Season.  This fall, the theme seems to be a mix of traditional, yet edgy coats as well as a slew of stylish capes and cloaks!  Enjoy the fall coat eye candy and please share your favorite fall clothing item too!

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