Black Friday – Shop Online with Me!

Ready to redefine your wardrobe? Join Roxanne Carne, Personal Stylist, for a free Black Friday virtual shopping session!

Well, here we are again!  The holiday season is upon us and that means it’s time for holiday shopping too! Well this year, you don’t have to go at it alone!  As a Personal Stylist & Shopper, I always encourage … Read More

Do Cheaper Clothes Really Save You Money?

Do cheaper clothes really save you money? Not necessarily! Roxanne Carne, Personal Stylist, breaks down how cheap clothes aren't the best way to stretch your dollar in your wardrobe!

Who doesn’t love a good deal? You’ve signed up to a handful of e-newsletters from your favorite designers and at least twice a week one of them is having a sale. YES! And when that email comes through, you can’t … Read More

What Is Buyer’s Remorse + How To Avoid It

Ever have buyer's remorse about clothes that you've bought? Learn key tips on how to avoid it and have a closet full of clothes you love! ~ Roxanne Carne | Personal Stylist

You’ve been eyeing up that new sweater for some time now. You’ve thought about it, visualized what you’ll wear it with and can even imagine how you’ll feel wearing it. Finally, the day arrives when you decide you’re going to … Read More

Show Some Heart… National Wear Red Day

Heart - Roxanne Carne

Show Some Heart… Did you know that every 80 seconds a woman dies from heart disease or stroke?  That’s a staggering figure! Heart disease and stroke are the #1 killer of women in America. Heart health is real and should … Read More