My Personal Black Friday Shopping List

Take a peek at what's in Roxanne Carne Personal Stylist Black Friday shopping list!

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As a Personal Stylist, I spend lots of time shopping and styling my clients (and I love every minute of it!).  But every once in a while, I need a closet refresh and need to shop for myself!  Interestingly enough, many people think that I constantly add new pieces to my closet because I’m a stylist.  While I will indulge in a special piece every now and again (not gonna lie!), when shopping for myself, I typically acquire many pieces at once.  This method is most efficient for me from a time perspective, but it also allows me to plan my shopping around major shopping events such as Black Friday!  What a great way to update my wardrobe pieces and save money at the same time!

This year, I’m inviting you in to see my personal Black Friday shopping list.  I want you to get a glimpse of my wants and needs, style-wise! LOL  At the time I’m writing this post, I’m not 100% sure that I’ll get everything on my shopping list below, but I’m going to try to get the best items and the best deal.  Once I get everything, I’ll write another post sharing which new clothes, shoes, and accessories I scored for Black Friday!

And what’s cool too is that I’ll be shopping for all of these items in real time with some of my followers during my virtual shopping event on Black Friday!  Interested in joining me and shopping your Black Friday list?  Click to here to sign up – it’s totally free and will be lots of fun!

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My Personal Black Friday Shopping List

Okay, so onto my personal shopping list!  Take a peek at what I’ll be hunting for, click the image links to check out the retail info, and share your thoughts in the comment section below.  Are there any similar items that you’re after?  (FYI, the items on my list are in no particular order).

Black & Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

I’m in need of a new pair of black & dark wash skinny jeans – preferably mid-rise jeans as those fit me the best, but I’m open to high-rise as well since those are great at concealing midsections! 😉  They are great for wearing with pumps, flats, and boots!  Darker-hued jeans can also look more dressy so they're extremely versatile that way too!  Here are some that I’m considering below:

Brown Ankle Boots

I recently donated an older pair of brown ankle boots that were so nice and comfy!  I’ve really missed a pair like that especially as we’ve moved into the fall season.  Brown ankle boots can be pretty much worn with anything and are quite versatile.  What do you think of these options?

Tall Brown Boots

I have plenty of tall black boots, I don’t have a pair of brown ones…yet.  I’m determined to get a pair of brown boots to complement any warm, neutral looks that I style.  I’m open to calf-high, knee-high, or over-the-knee boots.  I’m really in love with the Linea Paolo pair below.  I may spring for two pairs of boots this time around – I love the riding boot style because they’re great for casual looks and usually pretty comfortable, but sleek-cut dressy boots can instantly enhance any look!

Burberry Trench Coat

Okay, I kind of cheated on this one!  This was definitely on my Black Friday shopping list, but I couldn’t resist and already got it a couple of weeks ago (pics to come soon!).  This is a momentous month for me because I turned 40 years old!  So, I treated myself to the gorgeous Burberry Kensington Cashmere Trench Coat (the first coat below).  I wore it for the first time on a recent trip to NYC and it was so luxurious and warm at the same time.  Every woman should own a Burberry trench, especially a cashmere one!  Check out the trench that I got (the first coat below) as well as some other great choices from Burberry.

Burberry Scarf

And while we’re on the topic of Burberry, I also need a new scarf!  The Burberry scarf can be spotted instantly with its famous check pattern.  They come in various colors and sizes to fit your own personal style.  I think I may go for the traditional Burberry colors (since they match with so much), but I have to admit that the soft pink one scarf is really appealing too.  I have a cute pink trench that it’d be a fab match for!  I’ll report on which one I buy!  Check out the options and retail info right here:

Seamless Bra

It’s about that time!  I’m due for a new set of bras!  I always say that bras (and underwear in general) are the most important items that you wear every day.  They’re essential to creating a smooth silhouette!  It’s recommended that you replace your bras every six months to a year (and check out other bra tips here).  I’m within that time frame right now, but I use visual triggers to determine when it’s time to replace my bra.  I know my bras’ time is up because their elastic straps no longer have any give.

I’m on the hunt for a seamless bra as they provide the smoothest, cleanest silhouette.  Personally, I try not to go for bras that have lace trimming or appliques.  While they’re pretty to look, these added trims can create a ‘bumpy’ silhouette on fitted clothing.  Here are a few brands and styles I’m considering:

Seamless Panties

Along with my bras, a new set of panties is on deck!  Like bras, a panty’s life will run its course.

For comfort and breathability, I always opt for cotton underwear, preferably bikini or French-cut style.  There’s nothing worse than wearing an uncomfortable pair of panties so you have to find a style that makes you feel like you’re not wearing them at all!  Another must for me is for the panty to be seamless (for all of the same reasons I mentioned above for my bras).  Here are some great brands that I’m checking out:


For the past couple of years, I gravitated away from turtlenecks – no real reason why –  just a change in style preference.  But coming into this season, that totally changed!  I’ve been craving turtleneck tops or sweaters.  I’d like a couple of ‘staple’ turtlenecks, but also desire something that’s a bit more dramatic, too!  (Check out my #1 tip on how to look stunning in a turtleneck). Now, which one(s) should I get from the selection below?


One other item I’m after is new sweaters!  Cozy sweaters make you feel soooo good in autumn and winter.  Sweaters can also be uber stylish and add that bit of panache to your outfit while keeping you warm.  Fitted sweaters are my preference (remember silhouettes is key), but loose, comfortable sweaters work can be cute too!

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Puffer Jacket

I’m looking for a stylish, yet functional jacket that works for both the autumn and winter seasons.  I have a puffer jacket right now, but I’ve had it for a few years and am ready for something new.  I’ll still keep it because it’s in great shape (this will be my new fall bike-riding jacket), but I’m looking for a jacket that’s more stylish overall.  I’m considering one of these puffer jackets below and am leaning on the pink AVEC LES FILLES.  What do you think?

Knee-High / Trouser Socks

I’ve been wearing the heck out of my boots so far this season and need a ‘reboot’ in my knee-high / trouser socks game.  When I wear a skirt or dress with tall boots during this time of year, I usually also wear pantyhose to keep my legs warm.  But wearing boots directly over pantyhose always results in small snags or even runs on the hose.  For an extra layer of warmth, a snugger fit in the boot, and more importantly, the prevention of snagged pantyhose, I opt to wear knee-high or tall trouser socks on top of my hose.  I like socks that have a bit of pattern to them – even if no one can see them, LOL.  I wonder which ones I’ll end up with?

Statement Pumps

I love shoes and am ready for something cute and snazzy this season!  I’m looking for a pump and that’s basically my only requirement, LOL.  I’m flexible on color, pattern, and design.  The statement pump I select will be one that I can build an outfit around, which is so much fun to do!   Here are some pumps that caught my eye…take a closer look by clicking on the image links:

Tank Tops / Camisoles

Tank tops and camisoles are a wardrobe staple for me.  I replace these the most often because I wear them ALL the time.  They are great for layering and depending on the style and time of year, they can be worn on their own.  I tend to stay with neutral colors because they give the most flexibility for layering, but accent colors can come in handy for a pop of color.  When it comes to tanks, I'm usually a 14 & Union gal, but I'm really interested in Hanro's options this time around.  Here's a closer look at what's on my shortlist…

Long-Sleeve Fitted Tees

T-shirts are certainly a wardrobe staple for me.  But I’m pretty picky about them in terms of the fit and quality.  I love wearing tees that are fitted close to the body and have necklines that are preferably V-neck, boat neck, or even a cowl neck (check out various necklines here).  I also really like my tees to be made of soft cotton or jersey material.  It feels so luxurious and is comfortable to wear, especially for casual or lounging looks.  Here are a few that have caught my attention:

Boot Shapers

Last, but not least, I need some new boot shapers.  There are different styles out there, but I prefer shapers that not only shape the boot but also has an attached hook which conveniently allows me to hang them in my closet.  Regardless of style, boot shapers are a relatively inexpensive way to maintain the look and style of your boots.  It helps prevent leather (or vinyl) cracking that comes from unsupported folds – who wants that, right?  Here are some viable options.

So, there you have it!  That’s my entire Black Friday Shopping List.  I can’t wait to shop for these items on Black Friday in hopes that I can get some great deals across the board.  I’ll be sure to report back with my latest acquisitions with pics, so definitely watch this space!

Stylishly Yours,

Roxanne XOXO

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Take a peek at what's in Roxanne Carne Personal Stylist Black Friday shopping list! Take a peek at what's in Roxanne Carne Personal Stylist Black Friday shopping list!

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