Shift Dress vs. Sheath Dress – Do You Know the Difference?

Do You Know the Difference Between a Shift Dress vs. a Sheath Dress - Click for more info! - Roxanne Carne | Personal Stylist

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Shift Dress vs. Sheath Dress – Do You Know the Difference?

Here’s a question that my clients often ask me: what’s the difference between a shift dress and a sheath dress?  Fortunately, the answer is quite simple and easy to remember!

What's a Shift Dress?

A shift dress is generally roomy and basically, well, shifts with you!  It’s very comfortable and is very easy to move around in.  The great thing about shift dresses is that they work well on most body types (they're great at disguising any problem areas), they can be worn casually, or they can be dressed up easily with the right accessories like a statement necklace or bracelet.  You can also pair these dresses with heels, flats, or sandals!

Shift Dress Shift Dress

Before we get on to the sheath dresses below, here are my shift dress recommendations that are available for you to buy now!

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What's a Sheath Dress?

A sheath dress, on the other hand, is more fitted to the body – since it’s more fitted, it’s a bit more formal so it’s a great choice to wear at work and then afterward for an evening out.  This can also be styled with nice accessories, a smart clutch, and killer heels.  Very chic!  Victoria Beckham, pictured below, is known for slaying in her sheath dresses!

Sheath Dress Sheath Dress

And here are some wearable sheath dress options that you can choose from:

So there you go!  Do you like one dress type more than the other?  Please comment below!  Either way, you can’t go wrong with these choices!

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