Uncover Fascinating Truths about Women’s Bespoke Clothing

Explore the Idea of Bespoke Clothing for Women - Roxanne Carne | Personal Stylist

Uncover Fascinating Truths about Women’s Bespoke Clothing When one thinks of bespoke or made-to-measure clothing, what usually comes to mind is clothing customized for men. And that’s because most bespoke clothing services are tailored to men (pun intended!). However, that’s … Read More

Revealed: The Secret to Chic Style!

Find out the #1 secret to chic style! - Roxanne Carne | Personal Stylist

I’m writing today’s blog as I chill in the Delta Sky Lounge at JFK airport and decompress after a busy weekend of fashion/styling conferences in the ever-so-chic New York City.  This is my hometown (Brooklyn – born and raised!) and … Read More

13 Ways to Style Your Scarf & Change Your Look

Now that we’re officially in the fall season and transitioning our wardrobes to soft, warm, and cozy pieces, one item that most of will wear is a handy, dandy scarf.   Scarves are great accessories or even sometimes the perfect focal … Read More